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How To Use LitURLs? What is it?

Growing your social media has never been easier!

LitURLs is a marketing tool that combines all your social media & websites into one.

Visits to your LitURLs Profile increases exposure by allowing visitors to click on your custom links you've added.

A user clicks on your LitURLs and they didn't know you have a Youtube or Facebook Page. Therefore, you just gained a new follower on both social media platforms! It's really that simple!

  • A small business owner can benefit from this and increase exposure in all social media platforms which can result in increase of sales!

  • A blogger can benefit by allowing a user to view all your content or special links that you created all in one!

  • A affiliate marketer can benefit by placing multiple affiliate offers and sorting them how every they'd like.

(Note: You do NOT NEED to sign into your social media on LitURLs)

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